Who owns the book, who is keeping the book and who stole the book – Kushi Isaac Libi



Whenever evil tragedy from communal clash, banditry, kidnapping, arm robbery, militancy, religious crisis, and violent attack from insurgents befalls the country, the following statements is what follows from inception of this country to the present administration

1. The perpetrators of this evil will be brought to book

2. The government is on top of the situation

3. We urge for calm as government is doing everything within its reach to put an end to all wanton violence and killings in Nigeria

3. We are investigating the situation.

4. A commission of inquiry has been set up to investigate the circumstances and cause of the violence

5. No stone shall be left unturned as all culprits culpable in this act of felony will be charged and prosecuted.

6. We urge all and sundry not to take laws into their own hands as reprisals will not be condoned.

8. The government urges all Nigerians irrespective of divides to live in peace and harmony with one another.

9. The government has ordered redeployment of security agents to affected areas in quest to arrest the situation.

10. Religious and traditional institutions must preach tolerance and understand amongst their followers.

11. The government expects a white paper report from the committee of inquiry within few weeks so as to commence next line of action.

12.No individual or group of individuals, no matter highly place will get away with this barbaric carnage, government will bring the perpetrators to book.

We keep going through the same cycle over and over again.
The attack’s happen,reprisals follow, accusations and counter accusations..
The victims are buried and forgotten, soon silence follow and normalcy returns.
We continue as if nothing has happened. Then it comes again…. When shall we come together to overcome this primitive style of living?
Until we give truth a chance this insanity will never stop. Men of good conscience must unite in opposition the reign of evil and terror. And if you defend wickedness because you share some identity with the perpetrators, then you are part of the problem. You or your family members might not be spared one day.

Who owns that book? Who has seen that book? Who is the book keeper?
Who stole that book?
If the book truly existed, then no pen has ever visited that book.
That book still remains in white sheet with no blue ink on it, let alone a red pen..

We are tired of this old rhetorics.
The narrative has been the same!!!
Activist start been active

The blood shed is too much
One killing, too many
The collusion is obvious, the incompetence is glaring..
The problem can never be the solution.

Who owns the book, who is keeping the book and who stole the book - Kushi Isaac Libi

Kushi Libi Isaac
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