Top Bauchi Ent. Brands to release “Vote Wisely EP” Feat. 18 Beehive AllStars!

Top Bauchi Entertainment brands has collaborated to release a timing project tagged “Vote wisely” ana extended play that features 18 different artists from the state in a bid to ginger the whole polity in the eve of the general elections come February 25th 2023.

In a press statement made available to the Press in the state, the project is set for release this January.


Nortwave Imprint and London Bridge Entertainment will like to express their gratitude and excitement to have worked with 18 talented artiste from Bauchi State in a bid to change the narrative of an average Nigerian Voter whom is blind washed with Religious and Tribal cards being played by bad politicians with cheap peanuts at the polling unit.

Nigeria as a country has suffered democratically in terms of governance and quality representation over the years since gaining independence from the British colonial masters, one can only count few good individuals that contested and won elections or we’re being appointed as government officials. Prior to the build-up to the 2019 general elections there was agitation over the present government of that time due to their poor performance which has affected the common life of a Nigerian. At that moment one could predict a total revamp of government elected personnel’s but as usual the Nigeria continue to exist as the Nigeria we all know, it was game as usual, we elected and re-elected the bad ones again.

We are currently at the eve of the next general elections with campaigns nearing conclusion as individuals and brands from our community that have been impactful in terms of entertainment, leisure and sports an arrangement was made to talk to our own people in terms of entertainment, we worked on an “extended play project” late 2022 with 18 different artist which gave birth to 3 solid musical tracks were alot of issues that has to do with voters apathy and political apathy were addressed musically with melodies and emotions.

The project tagged “Vote Wisely” featured

Official Track List

Priêsto, Sunana Eda, Jkaps, LilJ Univerze, Yungwealth, Rubie Rbee

1. Don’t Sell Your Vote I

Malam Stesh, Jakadan Waka, Khalid Jones, Kammill, Kalito, and Mjay Barka

2. Hanu Daya

Phoeniqs, 3Qs, BillyGr33n, Marz Prince, Gotheeq, Aisé Maryah

3. Don’t Sell Your Vote II

Performed in the 3 major languages of Nigeria (Hausa, Igbo and Yoruba) and English for the general public.

The project will be out in all digital platforms on the 20th of February 2023.

Vote Wisely was executively produced by Nortwave Imprint and London Bridge Entertainment.

Vote Wisely!

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