The Miserable Situation of Warji; A Tale of a Town in a Helpless Situation!




Majority of Warji LGA has been experiencing shades of white for a while.


The world is changing rapidly with the advancement of technology. This spurs development which can be fully achieved by the provision of basic amenities such as electricity and portable water. The provision of electricity is very important to the growth of every community so much that the United Nations advocates for it in the Sustainable Development of Goals. Goal 7 emphasizes on the need for affordable and clean energy.

Executive Governor of Bauchi State, Sen. Bala Mohammed

Unfortunately, Warji, a whole Local Government Area in Bauchi State has become plagued with epileptic power supply for several months spanning into a year without any form of help or concern from the government. The major cause of this problem has been the substandard electrical poles used to convey electrical wires in providing electricity. These poles get easily blown off during the rainy season which is also characterized by strong winds. The poles simply bow to every wind that blows as a result of its low quality thereby causing untold hardship in the community.



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As a result of the consistency of this problem, the inhabitants of the community have at some point resorted to self-help by using wooden poles or even the collapsed substandard poles, all in a bid to provide temporary relief for the hardship faced by the community and this has been the situation for almost two decades now.

The issue has become so pathetic that local politicians use it in scoring cheap political points by always claiming to revamp the electrical woes of the community but that has not been accomplished till date. The lack of electricity has crippled businesses and also affected the effective provision of basic services such as healthcare and water supply. Hospitals and clinics barely perform their duties and mostly have to rely on the expensive alternative of generators.

Alhaji Abdulrazak Nuhu Zaki. Commissioner for local government and chieftaincy affairs
Helpless Electric pole at Warji LGA

With that being said, one would wonder if the local government in question is without leadership or a representative in the state house of assembly, but as the matter of fact, not only is Warji having a recently elected Chairman ( along with 19 other LGAs in the state) and a representative in the state house of assembly with the name Hon. Yunusa Danina, the local government also boast of some powerful government officials at the state level with the notable being the powerful commissioner for Local government and chieftaincy affairs Alhaji Abdulrazak Nuhu (popularly called Zaki) who as many people would agree is the de factor Leader of all the other Commissioners in the state whose influence can be felt across the state, he move great crowd anywhere he goes and. With this individuals in power, one wonders how Warji find itself in a messy situation like this. The neglect is alarming, and not much is being done to alleviate the problem once and for all as is the case in other LGAs.



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But it’s not all gloomy, Because with the right political will, Warji can be revived again. First the state governor have to acknowledge the fact that Warji has suffered collosal neglect over the years, and should personally visit the LGA for a better assessment of the situation, this would help a great deal. Having said that, we expect the government to as the matter of urgency find a lasting solution to the electricity problem by constructing Metallic poles which are capable of withstanding the weather challenge the state representative at the house of assembly, the Commissioner, the member representing Warji at the National assembly, and the Sanator should make this issue a top priority rather that spending funds on other less important issues. Also now that we have an elected Chairman, who will soon be receiving government allocations, a concise efforts must be made on this issue and should be the top priority of the day!

On the other hand, challenges like this is what inspired entrepreneurs in other parts of the world to develop lasting solutions to The electric challenges via the use of solar (and Warji is sunny) energy off the national grid, so this situation provide an ample opportunity.


This article is meant to raise awareness and possibly reach the eyes and ears of the people that matters. It’s time for a lasting solution to the problem of electricity that has bedeviled Warji for almost 20 years now.
We demand an immediate Action!


Article by; 
Musa S. Ya’u

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