SUNDAY GIST:Hypeman drags DQueen for non payment


New week new drama as popular Hypeman Ayo drags DQueen Hypeman for non-payment for services rendered despite agreement.

According to statements mailed to beehivegossips earlier to day the Hypeman advices no one to work with DQueen as she is dubious and non challent.

 As qouted…

Queen message me January 7 or 8 that she need my help I was like OK go on all ear she was like I will need ur on that najialoaded stuff that she need 20 vote, that after that she will pay me, I was like OK I did a mistake by not ask for price that she will pay me, so I look for hypemen at my streets and I told them I will pay them after the work, then we started the work and we finish the next day around 12am, so I send everything to her (proof) then I ask her for the money the next tin is that she will pay 1k, I was shock and surprise 1k , but I told her no problem send it now, she started say she don’t have money now that maybe weekend or Monday I say OK , I don’t disturb her the weekend and Monday came ND go I called her on she was like no problem she will send it soon that she don’t have money now, then I told help I dash her the money


So since then I don’t chat her up or even call, so I was expecting her calls or text like I should not be angry but she don’t bother seriously the 1k is not my problem but I hate it when u feel like you’re wise or smart when am helping you instead abeg me that you don’t have money will do it for free then showing me boss lady lifestyle I hate it you no me too well I do abeg you for free work even some of my collaboration.

So after my post about her this morning she called me that why will I make that post about that she swear she won’t even pay me anymore that I can post it anywhere that sha she told me her bank acct her issues

  • first lie : I don’t have money to pay now

  • second lie: was my bank had issues but how comes she transfer the 1k this morning how come

I love gombe and I have work with there top act and I enjoyed it but I regret this one with queen and I will advice all hypemen not to work with her but for me is a no no deal I love gombe

What do you think about this?

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  1. Why didn’t he also post the evidence of payment made to him… He bridged the agreement and still has mouth to talk… If your thinking cos of these you will drag her down then your a fucking failure. Accepted she might not have it at that time .. but you were paid already… Don’t forget to also tell the world about that too

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