Shoot anyone carrying two persons on bike – Zamfara State Government

The Government of Zamfara State of Nigeria has outlined new set of rules regarding the state’s insecurity situation.

  1. Shoot anyone carrying two persons on bike - Gov. Matawalle orders
These rules were stated through the state State Government’s spokesperson, in which orders were given to the state Inspector General of Police, to shoot anyone carrying more than two people on a bike and refuses to stop when stopped by the security officers. Along with this order comes other rules, which are;
  1. Not carrying more than a single person on a bike.
  2. No local markets weekly display.
  3. No cattle transportation in vehicles.
  4. No transportation of food materials without a strong cause, the food to be redirected to orphanages when caught.
  5. Bike riding curfew, from 6:00 pm – 60:00 am in villages and 8:00pm – 6:00am in cities.
Among others. The IGP of the state pleads with people to strictly follow orders to avoid arrests and other disciplinary actions.
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