The Second Phase of Lockdown is suicidal amidst rising cases of COVID-19

The second Phase of Lockdown is suicidal amidst rising cases of COVID-19

The second Phase of Lockdown is suicidal amidst rising cases of COVID-19; On May 17, 2021, I pen down a very controversial article that I coined Saving Lives And Saving Means Of Livelihoods was published by satisprime media, Beautiful Arewa communications, Beehive Gossips, Zaar Gossips, and New Issues magazine, in the article I warned about shutting down an economy against Covid-19, a feat obtained by many nations across the world and Nigeria joined such leagues without a rigorous looking at the effect of such suicidal adventures, but who am I, a nobody on the street as my suggestion didn’t go beyond my readers on my social media platforms and the subscribers of the media outlets that published my article, not even a former CBN governor, Charles Chukwuma Soludu’s warning was heeded to.


The Second Phase of Lockdown is suicidal amidst rising cases of COVID-19
Boss Mustapha, Chairman PTF on COVID-19 during a briefing at Transcorp Hotel Abuja. PC: Google

This is a virus that has a 94-95% chances of survival across the world and henceforth no virologist, parasitologists, entomologist, bacteriologist, epidemiologist or any health expert can outrightly say the virus is chronic but acute, with over 100k cases in Nigeria and just about 1 thousand deaths, that’s just 1% fatality and lockdown is nothing but suicidal.

The Second Phase of Lockdown is suicidal amidst rising cases of COVID-19

  • With a fragile economy that’s already in recession, only, but inferiority complex can make you lock down the economy.
    With due respect to the 1000 persons who have died as a result of Covid-19.
  • There are no European or American solutions to African problems.
    Until when Africans decide to stop all this copy and paste lifestyle of the west, we are in for doom.
  • Nigeria has an average of 700-1000 death daily to malaria, an average of 1 each per local government, but our concern is Covid-19 because the west is concern about it.
  • Did we lock down our economy because of Malaria, tuberculosis, typhoid, entamoeba histolytica? Lassa’s fever, etc that’s more deadly than Covid-19?

You may argue that their mode of transmission, pathology, diagnosis, treatment, etc differ, but most importantly is the life, which one kills more by facts, not media rhetoric, definitely, Covid-19 doesn’t fall into that category.

Okay, if USA and other developed nations lock down their economies, what’s their stimulus plan, firstly USA injected 2 trillion dollars into the economy as a stimulus plan to help alleviate the suffering and inconvenience caused by the lockdown, how much is 2 trillion dollars, over 700 trillion Naira, and you have a hand to mouth feeding African country with less 15 trillion Naira as annual budget wants to copy exact strategy adopted by the super-rich nations.

Something is fundamentally wrong with the psyche of the African man.
Lockdown has not and can’t be the solution to saving lives without putting measures to save means of livelihoods amongst the poor and the downtrodden in our society.

The Second Phase of Lockdown is suicidal amidst rising cases of COVID-19
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In my widely read May 2020 piece, I said the following  “Prolonged lockdown is realistically not feasible and its continued sustenance a mere mirage in any part of the world“.

Lockdown and restrictions of movement can never be the solution as it was just a temporarily preventive measure while scientists work on the habitat, pathology, life cycle, epidemiology, mode of transmission of the virus while they provide long term prophylaxis”

No country no matter how highly rich and resourceful it is can continue to feed its citizens for long talk less of “a hand to mouth” 3rd world nation like ours and other neighboring African countries.

See if we can set up a mechanism to check how many people have died as a result of Covid-19, then we should set up a mechanism to check how many have died as a result of their means of livelihood taken away from them as a result of Covid-19.

Only the rich can truly practice social distancing where they have fewer kids and each with his own room, but amongst the downtrodden, 6-12 children in 3 rooms, sharing the same bathroom, etc.

You say you’ll create windows whereby people will go to buy things perhaps once a week as if the virus will go on a break on that day when you are allowed to go out, Partial lockdown is the way to go as Gov Bala Mohammed of Bauchi state did the other time.
There shouldn’t be anything like interstate lockdown where the movement of essential goods became a tedious task then thereby breaking about untold hardship.


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We must learn to live with the virus-like other viruses and take serious precautionary measures as suggested by experts.

The same WHO will tell you the use of facemask is effective, tomorrow they’ll tell you it’s not effective because the virus is not airborne and the next day it’s not still effective because there must be the contact of droplets within short proximity with infected persons.
So science is too dynamic so long there are new researches to affirm or invalidate the existence thesis.

So the issue of social distancing is more logical than scientific, and that prompted me to suggest we must learn to live side by side with the virus while life goes on and adhering to prophylaxis measures from health experts who uphold professionalism without coloration to politics and conspiracy theories.


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As an individual and a zoologist by training from the prestigious Abubakar Tafawa Balewa University Bauchi, I’ve never disputed that the virus is real, till today the issue of vaccine is still on the cards and subject of discussion across the world, if by what WHO said about mode of transmission is true then out of the 7 billion people in the world, then 6 billion would have contacted Covid-19, if actually is truly touching, socializing and other and close contact, not staying indoors.


Humans can’t do without contact, in the same USA that had and is still having the highest Covid-19 fatalities still had one of the best birth figures within the same time of social distancing, so how did the conception take place? Invitro fertilization? Hell no, but sexual contact.
People have to go out to eat and look for how to survive.

If you tell an Akara woman not to fry or Mai shayi etc depression will kill them at home, this is just a small fraction of millions of Nigerians who depend on daily income living.

I don’t in any way want to indulge in all sorts of conspiracy theories on how the virus was formed, who formed it and why it was formed, and who are the targets bla bla bla or discouraged anyone about the vaccines or all forms of conspiracy theories against the vaccines

Am a realist who is seeing things from the reality aspect of view and I didn’t in any way try to give any political coloration to Covid-19, as champion by many in different quarters, bla bla globalization agenda, liberals agenda against conservatism, etc.
But definitely, that will be a topic of discussion for another day.

The government must decide either to save lives or to save means of livelihood, but I expect them to go for the former than the later as there is no disease that’s as deadly as hunger and its treatment is simple food.



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The second Phase of Lockdown is suicidal amidst rising cases of COVID-19

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