Re – Katagum Politics, the village boys at war of words!



“Deceit is a false road to happiness; and all the joys we travel through to vice, like fairy banquets, vanish when we touch them.” – Aaron Hill

This rejoinder is not aimed at further escalation of an issue that now has rested. Rather, it is to put things, which Sabiu Zaranda is ignorant about, in their right perspective. Similarly, it is to expose the devil in Sabiu’s pen.

First of all, it is within Imba’s, or any other person’s right to voice out their opinions on issues relating to government and governance in Bauchi State. In the same vein, it is within Musa Azare’s right to reply, in an abundant manner, any opinion voiced against the government he serves. This is the art and science of democracy which, neither Imba nor Sabiu seems to grasp.

Secondly, in a world that’s dominated by moronic criminals that have no limits or boundaries when pursuing their devilish goals, messengers must be assessed before accepting their message. This, in my opinion, is the theme of Musa Azare’s reply to Imba’s open letter to his (Musa’s) boss. Musa Azare in his reply exposed the ulterior motives inherent in Imba’s open letter.

Perhaps Sabiu Zaranda, as an upcoming politician like the rest of us, needs to learn a few lessons about good character and integrity.

I understood Imba’s letter as an attempt to rekindle the ignominious Bauchi-Katagum dichotomy, to score cheap political goals. It is worthy of note for the people to know that the recent APC State Congress and its fallout, has signalled the end of the political careers of some politicians, not only imba, in the party.

Hence, as politicians, they are out to by all means necessary, reposition themselves for continuous relevance. They should understand that Musa Azare is not Malam Adamu Adamu or Rt. Hon. Dogara Yakubu. They should understand that Musa Azare has no hand in their political ordeal. They should direct their anger at the right quarters.

Through my interactions with Musa Azare, I know him as a very watchful gentleman. And unlike many politicians in our State, his constituency is in Bauchi State as a whole, not any section of it.

Daure David