Press Release: Northern Group counter response to baseless attack on Gov. Wike

Press Release by Northern Democratic Assembly On the baseless accusations and attacks on the personality of Gov Wike by Northern Alliance for National Cohesion and their Paymasters



Greetings members of the Press;

It has come to our knowledge that the convergence of a so-called Northern Alliance For National Cohesion speaking in derogatory remarks against the Executive Governor of Rivers State, His Excellency, Nyesom Wike under the unverifiable claims that he openly attacked some leaders and other critical stakeholders of our great party, the PDP, therefore, it has become imperative to categorically states that their statements are baseless, bias and aimed at tarnishing his image to score a cheap political goal.


We would like to call on the attention of all Nigerians and PDP stakeholders as well as party members to disregard their claims as it is only aimed at causing division.


Saying that Gov Nyesom Wike in his ‘usual’ manner, attacked the deputy Governor of Edo state for expressing his personal views is disrespectful to the Rivers State Governor as we don’t know when that happened. Of course, for every action, there must be an equal reaction.


If the Governor felt that words coming from the Edo State Governor and his deputy were life-threatening to our great party, he cannot remain silent. For silence is also an answer; siding with falsehood.


It is also laughable to bring the respected Sheikh Usman Danfodio into the matter which makes it worse. It makes us want to question the overall motive of the so-called Northern Alliance. I doubt the motive of the Northern Alliance towards our Party because we all know how such a statement could lead to further division in a time we need to unite the most.


Gov Wike is not a religious bigot, yes he is the son of a well-respected clergyman and has never had cause to disparage any religion.


Gov Wike has been sponsoring Muslims for pilgrimage to Saudi Arabia which 90% are northerners and he has built mosques


Gov Wike is a bridge-builder, he has friends scattered across Northern Nigeria both Christians and Muslims.


One of his good friends is His Excellency Aminu Waziri Tambuwal, the governor of Sokoto state who is seen as the scion of the revered Sheikh Uthman Dan Fodio.


Gov Wike has been a great friend of the Sultanate and he has always paid homage to his Royal Highness.


It will interest the So-called Northern Alliance to know that Gov Wike also served his NYSC in the old Gongola state precisely in Takum LGA present Taraba state.


The accusation of disparaging Sheikh Uthman Dan Fodio is political blackmail by those who abandoned the PDP and were behind its defeat in 2015.


Of course, why should the Alliance be shocked by the Silence of Governors Aminu Waziri Tambuwal and Gov Bala Mohammed? Does the Northern Alliance think people were going to blindly fall for their mischievous and cheap statement?


Where are the so-called Northern Alliance for National Cohesion and their paymasters when Chief Fani Femi Kayode called Revered Sheikh Bin Usman Dan Fodio terrorist? Where are they when the same FFK referred to Sheik Ali Patanmi jihadist and devil? But despite that Hon Ali Pantami hosted him.


No, religious or ethnic bigotry has no space in our great Party. Gov. Wike has never made such remarks against our beloved Sheikh and there is no cause for alarm.



Gov Nyesom Wike is a man with discernment and respect. He will never come out and make such remarks against Sheikh Usman Danfodio.


How do you talk about courtesy and decorum when your Alliance has used such disrespectful and demeaning regards even amidst your lies? The words ‘decorum’ and ‘Courtesy’ is only Obsolete from your side.


How will an Alliance with our Party at heart call for Northern Governors and political elites to distance themselves from their colleague? Can you people see why their motive is questionable? You are urging people to disunite at this time of need? This is shocking!


Also, calling for political machination to ensure Gov. Wike is stopped is hilarious. How can a learned Nigerian make such a statement? Gov. Wike is as Nigerian as any other person who feels Nigerian and has the right to vote and be voted for.


So, Calling for his disenfranchisement is totally out of the so-called Northern Alliance’s jurisdiction.


It is clear for everyone to see that the Northern Alliance For National Cohesion does not truly reflect the later part of its name. From the beginning of their press release to the end, there was not a single statement of unity that signifies the claimed ‘cohesion’ in its title.


Governor obaseki fails to realise that his govt is established and guaranteed by the rule of law and all her activities are guided by the rule of law also.


The so-called Northern Alliance are drawing only drawing more attention to their benefactor the SERIAL betrayal. We still recollect when he was been dealt with by Oshiomole in APC we were all sympathizing with him and calling Oshiomole names, little did we know that he deserves what Oshiomole did to him.


We still remember how he illegally demolished Mr Tony Kabaka’s hotel premises when judgement was to be given 48 hours later by a competent court of law, which is a clear case of lawlessness and abuse of power.


He has disrespected the traditional institution because we have seen how Obaseki disrespects the Oba of Benin during the return of Benin Artifacts.


Governor Obaseki think he can use Gov Wike and dump, just the way he’s manipulating everybody in Edo state?


The Question Wike asked is yet to be answered, Who are the contractors working in Edo State?


However, with the recent balderdash, Obaseki’s govt is already sojourning in the territory of anarchy and tyranny. His govt has theoretically failed to uphold the sincerity purposes in his dealing.


Sometimes we wonder if governor obaseki, the governor of Edo state is well informed. We want to ask governor obaseki if he will tolerate his successor to behave this way when he (Obaseki ) when his tenure elapsed


Therefore, we are urging all Nigerians and PDP members to disregard the press release dished out by the Alliance as it is filled with lies from the pith of hell and statements of division amongst us.




Daure David


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