[Part 1] Movie for the blind by Kushi Libi Isaac

[Part 1] Movie for the blind by Kushi Libi Isaac


Nigeria is a case of a lazy husband who is married to two wives. The husband beats the hardworking wife who provides for the family, he loves his first wife more because she bears him more children and the hardworking younger wife has fewer but more productive children.
The other children from the unproductive wife have become obsolete and have joined their father in beating their stepmom .

The maltreated younger wife is reluctant about putting up a fight because of the violent nature of her husband, his children and the co-wife. Lately she’s becoming resolute in trying to leave the marriage because the husband refuse to work, he rather pampers his children of the unproductive wife against her children, her resources and the farm.
The take larger farm proceeds but refuse to go to farm and the father joyfully enjoys such injustice and even enjoined the other children to take from her farms, savings and kitchen without permission or use force if there’s any form of resistance.

Her biggest challenge is that one her children have aligned with the father to milk their mum dry, beat her and maltreat her. He has promised him heirship alongside his first child from the unproductive wife.

Though some of the children from her co-wife are not happy with how their dad mum treat their stepmom, they just constitute 20% of amongst their siblings and their voices not heard.
They’re treated with disdain same as the children of the productive wife.

If she calls off the wedding, can she accept those 20% from the other side who are sympathetic to her plight as a result of cruelty from their father or will she go with her 20% percent children who have aligned with their oppressive father for a mirage heir to the throne as promised by the deceptive father? Or forfeit them in the hands of their father who never liked them but the hardwork, productivity and resources of their mother?

End of Part 1.

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