ODUMODUBLVCK: A Turbulent ride to Stardom in Nigeria’s fiercely competitive Hip-Hop Scene

Odumodu Blvck is a revolutionary grime/drill artist who’s doing everything he can to get a grip hold of ‘the keys’ to the industry. Before he, and a handful other artists in Abuja (Nigeria’s Capital City) bet on themselves to propagate the – at that time – non-existent, “crud” Hip-hop culture, there wasn’t quite any buzz about it being the budding ‘goldmine’ it is now. 

Build up to the release of his latest singles (PICANTO) @Odumodublcvk IG

GRM Daily (a British, Music & Entertainment company) in October 2021, published an article recognizing the wave-making drill artists domiciliating Nigeria and Odumodu Blvck wasn’t had to spot on the list.

GRM Daily Article, 2021

Earlier this year, in February, Odumodublvck & B.O.C Madaki (arguably the most prolific Rapper in Northern Nigeria’s nascent music ecosystem) put out a 10-Track, collaborative album titled “The Drop.” It was an experimentation of rhythms & flows. Something unlike anything I’ve ever experienced before.


He has been featured on Alpha Ojini’s “Vigilante bop,” Erigga’s track, “PTSD” and close FCT link, Psycho YP’s viral “Bando Diaries.” (Odumodublvck appears on Psycho YP’s Album, “YPSZN3” also.) And the features seem to still be looming.

Dog eat Dog - Spotify

Odumodu Blvck has, within the year put out several singles. Some of which are: Dog Eat dog, Out on bail (featuring Reeplay, a close collaborator/rapper), Rainy Day: Chop sand & Picanto.

Picanto - spotify

“Picanto” featuring Zlatan Ibile & Ecko Miles is “The Big Gun’s” (one of Odumodublvck’s many monikers) newest track release. The melodious song was scheduled for release on the 18th Of November, 2022 but was moved up 3 days because a protégé (Azanti) also has a project coming out that day. (That says quite something about the harmony amongst him & other FCT artists.)

What’s truly astonishing is: the rate at which he dishes out songs and they still bang – always makes a statement.
Stating in an interview with Echoo Room, Odumodu blvck mentioned that “the ‘chaos’ associated with his style of music is intentional.” They’re literally disturbing the peace with their sound (understandably, cos of the incessant demand to capture & hold onto the attention of an audience in the oversaturated global music ecosystem).

Ultimately, expansion (artists setting up base/building a thriving economy for creators in Nigerian cities other than Lagos) is good – and the way forward. There are people outside of Lagos who desire to be entertained too!
Finally, in a tweet he recently stated that His debut, solo album titled, “EZIOKWU” is coming out in 2023, and he is certain the whole world will “reek” of it.

IG Post @Odumodublvck

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