Mohammed Hayatu-Deen joins the race for the 2023 General Elections


Twist and Turns surrounding the 2023 General Elections continue to unfold as The Emergence of Mohammad Hayatu-Deen in the race for the seat of the president has steered the direction of the forth coming elections. many Nigerians were intrigued when he declared his intentions and some citizens refer to Mohammed Hayatu-Deen as a symbol of hope in the forthcoming elections.

Mohammed Hayatu-Deen joins the race for the 2023 General Elections



Nigerians are tired of seeing recycled faces in the political space and are willing to try someone who will get the countries economy stable. this is the first time that the inflation rate has hit double figure, and the current economic situation of the country hits an all time low.


Lets watch and see how events and contestants continue to unfold as we are edging closer to the Elections.

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