MCPETROS HUB: Hip Hop is a Culture

I wanna address a misconception in the music industry about hip hop and rap.
Ninety percent of the new school rappers can’t tell the difference
between hip hop as a culture and rap as an element of hip hop.
Hip Hop is bigger than just rapping or emceeing; Hip Hope is a
culture. It started off as a way of lifestyle in the early 70s in Bronx,
NY City, USA. Rap is just an element. Other elements are bboying,
graffiti, djing. We got other elements like street fashion, street
entrepreneurship etc
You can be a rapper and not portray the hip hop culture. And you
can practice none of the elements and be a true a hip hop head.
And in this industry of ours, controversy is substantial. I love what
Remy Ma is doing with the culture. shETHER brought live to the
culture. Peace.

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