LIBISPEN: New/ Emerging Media As A Panacea For Sustainable Development

New/ Emerging Media As A Panacea For Sustainable Development

Before the advent of social media only but few persons who have the privilege of commentating on national issues because we have few newspaper columnist and only few individuals have the privilege to be heard on TV or radio as opinion sampling is left in the hands of the microscopic few who are government or opposition apologist.

Mahmoud Jega, Aliyu Tilde, Labaran Maku, Adamu Adamu, Dingba Igwe, Kayode Fayenmi, Dele Momodu, Toni Iredia, Femi Adesina, Ima Niboro, Reuben Abati, Mohammed Haruna, Sam Nda Isaiah, Olusegun Adeniyi Chukwuma Obi, Emeka okafor are amongst the the many noticeable columnist in Nigeria before the advent of social media who mesmerized us with their ink through the prism of patriotism and sentiments at the same time.

This new generation there are millions of great writers who were discovered, thanks to social media which provided the much needed platform at cheaper or not cost.
Voices are being heard, stories told and talents discovered.

I wake up every day on my wall to see many young Nigerians writing brilliant piece from poetry, lyrics, fiction, to economic, political, religious, security, and other social subject matters which is practically impossible in those years.

Activist, assayist, revolutionaries, reformers, extremists, fundamentalist, crusaders are borne out of this platform on daily basis which is a win win for our democracy and growth in all spheres of life.

The social media has provided the much needed platform for people with dissenting views on different sectors and profession.

It has also serve as a catalyst for economic policies whereby government do reach out to millions of its citizenry through the social media platform, it also announces major decision and press statements through many spokesmen.

The Nigerian communication commission released a data which states that there are over 96 million active internet users in Nigeria, making us the fastest ICT nation in the world where half of the citizenry are connected to the internet in developing nation.
As such, there are only but 200 thousand newspaper in circulation on daily basis and such figures makes it difficult for the conventional media to compete with the social media.

Nigerians tend to scout for information on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google, Yahoo, Tiktok, etc than NTA FRCN and other privately owned TV and radio station like most young populated nations except for the older generation who still prefer to patronise the conventional broadcast and print media outlets.

So unarguably, social media has provided people the opportunity to advertise their businesses, occasions and events at lower coast and reaching many of the targeted audiences.

No doubt it has also brought so many misinformation as mischievous elements disseminate fake, doctored or unconfirmed reports either for selfish interest or ulterior motives to achieve sinister agenda.

The social media has also been used to spread hate speech targeting vulnerable and endangered species of humans especially when they’re in minority either because of ideology, tribe, race, ethnicity, region or religion.
To cap it all, social media or new/ emerging media as professionals call it has come to stay and its relevance to our daily lives can’t be overemphasized as the positives outweighs the negatives.

Kushi Libi Isaac.

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