His Excellency Senator Bala Mohammed (Kauran Bauchi) inherited a very poor health care system with old and ruined infrastructure and no medical consumables for daily medical activities.

The patriotic governor moved to action within the first two years of his administration where he collectively built, renovated and rehabilitated 323 Primary Health Care facilities across nooks and crannies of Bauchi State for easier access to health services delivery to the people particularly women and children.

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Bauchi State has for long time suffered from acute shortage of pipe bone water supply. Governor Bala Mohammed Kauran Bauchi is tackling this problem head on and once for all in the state. He ordered for rehabilitation dams and supplying of water to various reservoirs using modern piping systems for hygienic and portable water supply for all.

Water is life, so the people’s governor is just trying solve people’s problems first by solving water problem.

In the same vein, youths are being empowered with multiple employment opportunities to become better members of the society.

This is Bala Mohammed,

This is Jagaban Katagum,

This is Kauran Bauchi,

This is the people’s governor