ISOSCW reiterates support for Orphans – World Orphan Day

World Orphans Day – A Time to Lend a Helping Hand
November 14th marks World Orphans Day, an annual event that calls attention to the millions of children around the world who have lost one or both parents. ganizations like the Initiative for Supporting Orphans and Sickle Cell Warriors (ISOSCW) use this day as an opportunity to spread awareness and raise funds to help orphaned kids in need.

Official statement from ISOSCW CEO

“World Orphans Day, Initiative for supporting orphans and sickle cell warriors ISOSCW celebrated on November 14, is an important date for Americans to come together and show that they care about the orphans in their community. Millions of young children face problems because one or both of their parents are no longer in this world. It is important for the community to make arrangements for their education, health, shelter, food, and social well-being. World Orphans Day is the perfect opportunity for well-meaning and socially responsible Americans to show that they stand with orphans in their time of need.”

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