Enough of the propaganda, enough of the misinformation, Akilu Kinging writes

Enough of the propaganda, enough of the misinformation, Akilu Kinging writes


PDP is this, PDP is that Mohammed Imam is this, Imam is that All are lies, fake and hate for the opposition Party and our Leaders in the State. His sin is that he refused to join the ruling party.


Believe me, if he joins the APC the same people that are insulting him today will start praising him.

For example, when Grema Terab was in the PDP they all hate him to call him names but believe me the very day he left for the APC they started praising him.

These are people we know them and we know their agendas, All they want is to have a free opposition state where they can continue mismanaging the state resources without any challenge.


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The majority of them will be complaining about the PDP lake of seriousness as if the PDP is a Human being. Party cannot build itself without citizens participation.

You will hear them saying no opposition in Borno, PDP is not serious, But none of them has ever encouraged or supported the opposition, they always inline themselves with the ruling party.

There will never be a strong opposition in a state where anyone who opposes the government is seen as an enemy by those in government and even those outside government.


Re-Katagum politics, the village boys in war of words

If you believe things are not going right hence there is a need for strong opposition then join the opposition and stop blackmailing those who have sacrificed their time and resources to make sure our democracy survive.

The little crisis in the state chapter of the PDP shows a sign of freedom in the party. Where every member has a voice, not like the APC in the state where one person appoints party excos and go unchallenged.

Enough of the propaganda, enough of the misinformation, Akilu Kinging writes

APC state Congresses was conducted singlehandedly by few individuals. The majority of the party members are not satisfied with the process but nobody dares challenge the leadership because of fear. They all grumble and moved on.

Last few months I disagree with how the PDP conducted its Congress in the state and I have come out openly to show my grievances as a Loyal Party member where a faction within the Party took the matter to court to challenge the illegality of the Congresses. However, my opinion was defeated in the court and as a loyal party member who also believes in Democratic processes have accepted the court decisions with good faith to move our Party forward.

I urge those who believe in me, rule of law and democracy to respect the current PDP Leadership in the State.

PDP Caucus are working hard to Lose BOGORO Elections - Bukata Bukar

I also salute all PDP stakeholders for their commitment and courage.

I also call for the unity of the PDP in Borno state because unity gives strength and strength Leads to victory.

If the PDP is United and organizes lots of decampees from the APC are coming to join us after the party primaries because I have information that many National and states Assembly members will not return and with a strong United PDP I believe the courageous among them will join the PDP to seek re-elections.


It has happened in 2011 where the APC lost 2senators, 2representatives and 5member house of Assembly to the PDP and history is about to repeat itself.

Insha Allah this time around the PDP will take over the state leadership and Nigeria at Large.

God bless the PDP
God bless Borno state
God bless Nigeria.

Enough of the propaganda, enough of the misinformation, Akilu Kinging writes