EDITORIALS: Promoting Music in Northern Nigeria – A Case Study of @Rubygyang


 There’s something I’ve learned by observation on how to promote music in Northern Nigeria using simple strategies. And I would love to share.
In recent times, Ruby Gyang, the self-acclaim Sarauniya (meaning Queen) has been winning the heart of music lovers across the country especially in Northern Nigeria. The whole chemistry between her and Arewa began after the release of Kale Ni single. Ruby is known for her soul music but Kale Ni was different – an ‘upbeat, sizzling hot, dance-driven’ song that would move you to a groovy level. Then, she had the Northern Media Tour/Meet and Greet that happened in July 2017 which was really productive and positioned her as a brand the Arewa music lovers have to reckon with. The choice of the cities (Kano, Abuja, Kaduna, Zaria, Jos, Bauchi) she toured were picked by masterminds considering where the market share and the fan base of music lovers are situated in Northern Nigeria. Ruby Gyang became a house-hold name after the tour because the radio/tv stations were playing Kale Ni and the streets were loving it.
Fast forward to September 2018, she released  two singles, Crushing and Har Abada featuring Kheengz and Classiq. While both songs are good, Har Abada is getting more attention. Why? Firstly, the collaboration. Classiq is called Arewa Mafia aka King of the North. And Kheengz is a well respected emcee in Arewa. The former and latter delivery on the song is ketchup – sauce.
Secondly, the song Har Abada currently has many versions. Lots of upcoming recording artistes have done and are doing a cover or remix of the song thereby promoting Ruby and the song to markets and bases Ruby would not have strategical been able to reach.

Har abada cover by Chizo

Har abada cover by DJ CINCH

Har abada cover by Wax J

Har abada cover by Realwiz

Har abada cover by Kalito

Lastly, Ruby is involve in the process. She post every cover or remix on her Instagram account and drop comments.
Ruby Gyang is really selling to the Arewa market.
Have a great day.

Paul McPetros

In our next editorials we will bring to you the best of the best covers to Ruby Gyang’s trending singles HAR ABADA

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