Cino Wayne: Why i changed from Kalakuta to Alekwu Empire!

Cino Wayne thrills the crowd at Bauchi Music Festival earlier this November. PC: BMf2020

Cino Wayne: Why i changed from Kalakuta to Alekwu Empire!

Spirit Man, Cino Wayne reveals why he changed his brand movement name on a series of social media post.

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Cino Wayne, why i changed from Kalakuta to Alekwu Empire!

On the press statement made available to Beehive Gossips, the kalakuta singer said; 

Reasons why I changed my movement brand from *KALAKUTA EMPIRE* to *ALEKWU EMPIRE* is because of obstacles I have been facing and making me realize that our father Baba Fela Anikulapo Kuti had his own reasons and I being a great follower of him want to walk in his foot steps, now I see his own vision has been accomplished and I believe I can also be an icon to be followed just the same way Fela was. I have gone to my closet to commune with the Spirits and they have come to the conclusion of me naming my movement “ALEKWU” meaning “SPIRITS” such as Spirits of Light and Truth so I only see it right that as a Spirit man I have to live by the Spirits, but I still remain a product of Fela Anikulapo Kuti and still a lover of Kalakuta movement, so to my fans I appreciate your stead fast love and your support may the Spirits guide you.


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