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Chongfilawas Markus wins the maiden edition of ZAFOC 2020!

The winner of the maiden Edition of “Zaar Attires Fashion Online Contest” has been announced yesterday on the Tehila Media Facebook Page.

Meet the contestants first…

Check out how they performed below…

Christiana S. Chiroma Came out with the highest votes but was left with -1324(67) votes due to Spam detection. Chongfilawos Markus came second with 1098 votes followed by Ladi Alhamdu with 347 votes.


Congfilawos Markus Came out victorious after Christiana was disqualified for using Auto-likes

We wish to thank all our fans for the likes and comments on the just concluded “Zaar Attires Fashion Online Contest”, we are well and ineptly delighted.
Thank you very much
One love!!!
From Tehilla Group
Congratulations to the winner.

The presentation of the prices comes by the weekend. Thank you and continue to have the divine grace of God.

Hope this is just another milestone of greatness in your endeavors.

Receive our warmest congratulations from all of us at TEHILLA.

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