Nigerian rave of the moment , young talented and creative rapper. Doncee A.K.A micrhophonekiller is here for our March interview. He talks about life, family, music, Rise of Doncee Ep and lots more.

Classy DONCEE photo 2017
Josh Ghani: so if someone says “Doncee who” what will be your response?

Doncee: I’m a Human being that raps and sings…in Naija that loves to make good music.
Josh Ghani: what is your background like?

Doncee: I was born in 1995 in Gombe. I’m the fourth born in the family of seven, 4 girls 3 boys. My dad is a retired civil servant so it was a strict upbringing for me. My mum a business woman , I grew up in a government reserve area. I was born into a islamic family with both parents from Gombe state. I attended group captain G.I. Orji secondary school Gombe, right now I’m a graduate of Sociology from Gsu serving this great nation in Cross River. It wasn’t really  easy growing up but we scaled through. Life ain’t bed of roses they say!but then I fell in love with music I’ve been recording since 2012, currently. Unsigned but cofounder of Yanga no be swag Music.
Josh Ghani: at what age did you start your music career?

Doncee: I started raping at tender age. I was 14 when I started writing my own raps and that’s before I took it as career. I was about 18 when I released my debut single.
Josh Ghani: what genre of music are you into?

Doncee: I’m into Hip Hop, afro-beat, Afro Hip hop, and trap sounds.
Josh Ghani:  biggest influence on your person?

Doncee: Everything I have come in contact with.
Josh Ghani: in a very competitive industry like this how do you manage to Stay top of your game?

Doncee: I just do me I don’t follow trends
Josh Ghani: then what trend have you set if you don’t follow trends?

Doncee: Listen to my songs, you will know there is difference what my rap is from the rest of the people.
I have set my trends my way I spite what I feel from experience around me. I don’t wanna be cocky.
Josh Ghani:  Lol, are you trying to be humble?

Doncee: clears throat, I’m not trynna be humble either. Just being truthful. If you say what Doncee has done? He has dropped a couple of hit songs at his level featured with renowned music people.  Has he reached the level of M.I and Vector NO. But he is approaching that level by coming with his own rap pattern that is being recognized.
Josh Ghani: wait, what defines your music

Doncee: the Environment or lemme say the Ecosystem.
Josh Ghani: what make you different from other artiste that are eager to blow, get fame and sell albums?

Doncee: well it’s simple, I’m just trying to be the realest don’t care about the money, shows and fame. Rap can’t pay me enough I have my own business that I’m making money from. I don’t have names to mention but one thing I have come to realized is not decent to say anybody is wack unless if the person is unbelievable weak, it cost money to record, produce and promote the song far. I’m not a judge as such I can’t judge why artiste are hungry for  fame and eager to blow even without making good music.
Josh Ghani: Tell us about the Rise Of Doncee Ep

Doncee: I think that is the classiest Ep recorded in a longest period of time. We had wrapped it up, may be if we waited more longer it will be madder..but still the zeal came though that’s why the release date is on hold for a while, I want the Ep to touch every aspect of life..Love, peace and politics.  What will people think about this track and line? This is what I told myself, you know I studied sociology so I had training to do that.
Josh ghani:  what’s the motivation behind the Ep

Doncee: Muskey jah is among, initially I just wanted to put out the songs I recorded from 2015 to 2016 at once. I was looking for right moment, and that moment came after my first single with Yanga no be swag music “SAMPLE” released in 2016, that tune unlocked so many doors and I decide to give more of that to the people. Sample made everyone listen to me and have change the perception people have been regarding me as an artiste.
 Josh Ghani: what do you consider the greatest threat to your career?

Doncee: myself, Doncee the Microphone killer
Josh Ghani: how do you keep your haters busy?

Doncee: I just remain consistent with excellence. Mind my own business.

Josh Ghani: define the Nigerian Hip Hop culture

Doncee: Radical, we have our own culture and practice
Josh Ghani: who is Your favorite G-city artistes?

Doncee: muskey jah, Blue C and psycute. These niggas Dope for real without any intrusion?
Josh Ghani: who’s your favorite artiste nationally and internationally

Doncee: I listen to whole lot of artistes, so picking a favorite would be so hard. Okay these are my favorite artistes, Nationally I really like Myself, M.I Abaga, Mode9, Vector, A-q, Jesse jagz, phenom, Reminisce, Davido, Reekado Banks and Tiwa savage. An the international acts I like J.Cole, Nas, Meek mill, KRS-one, Jayz and Kanye west.
Josh Ghani: have you had any embarrassing moment on stage?

Doncee: No I haven’t . And I pray I don’t experience any
Josh Ghani: what’s your favorite color, food and holiday spot?

Doncee: my favorite color is white, don’t have a favorite food. I don’t think I have a favorite holiday spot yet.
Josh Ghani: where do you see your music career in the next 5 years

Doncee: bigger than what it is right now. Cause this wasn’t the number of listeners I had when I released my debut single in 2013. Getting to the top is going to take little time but that’s definitely where I’m going to. I’m working so hard so that in the next 5 years I should be recognized and seen as the best rapper in the country. One of the best doing it.?
Josh Ghani: are you working on any colabo in the near future

Doncee: yes I’m trynna get some big names on some records
Josh Ghani: if you have chance to do collaboration with a popular Nigerian musician right who would it be?

Doncee: right now Reekado banks
Josh Ghani: if I asked you to define yourself with 5 words that represent your unique personality, what will be?

Doncee: intelligent, hardworking, creative , simple and dope LOL
Josh Ghani…a punchline before you go…

Doncee: Laughs..(Laughter) no no no I don’t do that, see this guy. Anyway take this ” I’m Too FLY even AIR can TELL(Airtel)/ my words play are spiritual can make a cripple guy dance/ the only microphone killer/ lyrical igwe Vow down for your leader…lols

Josh Ghani: Thank You very much DONCEE tha Microphone killer, Wish to have you once again in the near future.wish you a great career ahead.

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