B.O.C Madaki, Odumodublvck North-East bilingualism and “The Drop” premieres Friday

When Amarya was released many paid less attention to the cultural shift spread across the record prematurely with alot of commentaries, critiques and opinions giving it a mixed feelings existence in the market hence, critically derided as well as acclaimed.


Amarya resonates a typical Hausa-love settings up North; quoting B.O.C’s verse which portrays some of the procedures for securing  a Northern Nigerian girl’s hand in marriage widely known with the traits of Respect, and good home training.

Odumodublvck confidence in his lover portrays the loyalty, respect and royalty that made her stands out despite facing advances on a daily blended well with his silky Pidgin-English flows evident in the east to complete the jig-saw followed up by a smashing Visuals enjoying plays in music TVs  nationwide.


Full credit should go to ShamBee the producer as well for moulding a matching sound that portrays the whole concept and ideas.


Not yet convince about the duo? Take some chills and pre-save “The Drop” an extended play housed by Game Time Record HERE

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