Atiku is not a Unifier – Daure David


His Excellency Atiku Abubakar deleted his Tweet and post on Deborah’s death following public criticism from our Muslims brothers.

Well, they may have their reasons for condemning the PDP Presidential aspirant but they didn’t condemned the press statement from the Sultanate council. So, why is Atiku case different? To me Atiku offence was he didn’t condemned Deborah utterance before condemning the killers.

The truth is, Atiku has failed to stand by his words as a leader for the fear of losing the votes of the Muslims community. But yet he wants the votes of the Christian community too.

The leader of a secular country like Nigeria should be just and fair without fear or biased.

This is to say, that Baba Atiku is not the UNIFIER he profess to be. His actions may cause him the votes of the Christian voters going by reaction from it domain.

As I write this he has created doubts in the heart of many Christians voters who believe in his vision and it is not good for him.

Daure David

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